Doctor Solar, Man Of The AtomEdit

Imbued with godlike power during the catastrophic failure of a thermonuclear fusion experiment, Doctor Solar is now the world’s only hope against science run amok. Don’t think it hasn’t. Supercolliders in use today could conceivably create black holes, magnetic monopoles or so-called “strange matter” that could destroy the planet. Transhuman, or “H+” engineering, nanotechnology, humankind’s increasing ability to impose its will on nature, and more present terrifying possibilities, including the means to empower evil. With the fantastic strength and awesome energies at his command, Doctor Solar battles super-enemies and forces beyond ken to defend our very existence.

Immeasurable might, amazing intellect and profound knowledge of the factors that shape the universe make Doctor Solar nigh invincible, the “God of Energy.” But he is a man as well. His humanity is what keeps us safe from him.

His greatest power is focus. Solar is a hero like no other.